Abilita Triage Tool

The Abilita Triage tools are used by Insurer and Employer Case Managers to identify claimants that are at risk of delayed recovery and return to work due to the presence of psychosocial barriers.

The triage tool provides a 5-minute conversation which offers huge savings by identifying those destined to join the 20% of cases that will generate 70% of total claim costs – unless biopsychosocial factors are identified and managed.

Abilita Assessment

High risk cases are then referred to an Injury Management Advisor or Rehab Provider for the appropriate Abilita Assessment to identify and measure those psychosocial barriers.

The five Abilita Assessments are designed for different health conditions, each reporting in domains of condition-specific BPS factors.

  • Physical injury or illness when pain is present (a comprehensive and a condensed questionnaire)
  • Psychological injury or illness
  • Work participation; absenteeism or presenteeism.
  • General Health; enduring health conditions.

Rehabilitation Consultants may then deliver Abilita self-management skills coaching, tailored according to the assessment results, to empower claimants to learn improved management of their health condition and regain quality of life and work capacity.

‘Abilita Pain Coach’ is our condensed coaching course augmented by an online consumer self-help course available here.